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MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH – Sustainability meets innovation.

We specialize in the regeneration of electric vehicle components for public transport, united by the vision of a climate-neutral future. With over 60 years of experience, we are committed to environmentally friendly remanufacturing that conserves resources and minimizes CO2 emissions. Our expertise ranges from starters and alternators to complex control systems, always with the aim of putting quality and customer satisfaction first. Discover innovative solutions for sustainable mobility with MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH.

Regeneration of electric vehicle component by MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH
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As a preferred partner for sustainable mobility solutions, MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH enjoys the trust of leading brands and organizations. Our specialization in the remanufacturing of starter motors, alternators and air conditioning systems distinguishes us through quality, innovation and commitment to climate neutrality in public transport.

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Robust starter motors for a reliable start under all public transport conditions.


High-performance alternators that ensure a constant energy supply in public transport.


Efficient cooling systems for a pleasant climate during every public transport journey.


Powerful heating systems for warmth and comfort in public transport.


Powerful fans that ensure optimal air circulation in public transport vehicles.

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Reliable electrical components for modern control and function in public transport.


Precise pneumatic solutions for essential motion control in public transport vehicles.


Specialized parts that cover the wide range of public transport needs.

Linking technology and tradition, shaping mobility, developing innovations.
Our pursuit of excellence begins with the precision of our work and commitment to sustainability. At MEB we are shaping the future of mobility through advanced regeneration of electrical components for public transport. We combine decades of experience with innovative technology to offer our customers long-lasting and reliable solutions. Our focus is not only to deliver products, but also to establish lasting partnerships based on trust, expertise and outstanding service.

Our services

Innovation and sustainability at the heart of public transport

At MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH everything revolves around the future-oriented regeneration of electrical components for public transport. For over 60 years, we have dedicated ourselves to not only saving costs and resources through our extensive regeneration know-how, but also actively contributing to protecting our environment. Our goal is to promote the expansion of public transport and at the same time promote responsible use of our natural resources.
Precision in diagnosis and troubleshooting

Masterful troubleshooting and correction by our electronics specialists

Masterful regeneration

Expert inspection and restoration of vehicle electrical assemblies

Innovation and sustainability in focus:
The regeneration cycle at MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH

1. Diagnosis and troubleshooting

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2. Decomposition and analysis

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3. Cleaning and sandblasting

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4. Painting and protection

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5. Recomposition and precision adjustment

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6. Test run and quality inspection

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Insights into our master workshop:
precision in action

Experience how we at MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH are shaping the future of mobility. Our video gives you an exclusive insight into the daily precision work of our experts - from careful diagnosis to detailed remanufacturing. Discover the craftsmanship and technological excellence that make us a leading partner in sustainable mobility solutions. Every step of our process is shaped by our commitment to quality and climate neutrality.

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Why MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH? Your partners for sustainable mobility in public transport!

Comprehensive regeneration expertise

We set standards in the remanufacturing of electrical vehicle components. By combining craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, we optimize starter motors, alternators and air conditioning systems for maximum performance and longevity.

Individual solutions and technical advice

For each vehicle and part, our experts offer individual advice and solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs for optimal performance.

Commitment to sustainability and environmental protection

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in environmentally friendly regeneration processes that reduce CO2 emissions and promote sustainability in public transport.

Discover why MOTOR-ELEKTRIK BVS GMBH is your ideal partner for the regeneration of electrical vehicle components: product diversity, decades of experience and commitment to environmental protection. Find out how we combine quality, reliability and sustainability.

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